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Spring Farmers Market Updates

Spring farmers markets in Richmond

We're lucky in Richmond. We have six farmers markets open year round. We don't have to wait until spring to shop for high quality locally-raised food. Of course, when spring does roll around and strawberries and asparagus are coming in, we are truly sitting pretty with 24 farmers markets open in the area! There's a farmers market nearly every day of the week.

You can find all of the updated details on area markets on our Back to the Market website. Some updates for this year include...

Increased access to locally-grown food:

-Shalom Farms and the RVA Food Collaborative are launching a Mobile Market!

-Two markets are now doubling SNAP/EBT dollars (RVAgriculture's Goochland Fairground Farmers Market & Tricycle Gardens' Four Season Farm Stand)

-SNAP/EBT benefits are now accepted at 10 area markets

New developments at area markets:

-Birdhouse Farmers Market (previously Byrd House Market) has moved, changed its name and is now run by farmers! More Details

-Hopewell Farmers Market will move one block to a beautiful grassy area overlooking the river. They plan to partner with outdoor recreation companies to offer canoeing/kayaking on the river as well as other activities.

-Lakeside Farmers Market has a new group farming behind the market - Lakeside Farm Project

New farmers markets for 2016:

-Tricycle Gardens' Four Season Farm Stand on Thursdays at the VCU Massey Cancer Center

-The Montpelier Center Farmers Market on Thursdays

-ACTS Farmers Market at First Baptist Church on Tuesdays (GrowRVA)

-Regency Square Farmers Market on Mondays (GrowRVA)

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